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Picture Perfect Thanksgiving

Baby Photos

Have everyone bring a baby photo of themselves. Put the photo on a board and number them. Hand out a piece of paper and ask each person to try to guess who it is. This works best when you have family and friends together who may not have seen one another as a baby.

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A Thanksgiving Activity by the Numbers

Giving Thanks by the Numbers

Have your guests chose a number between 1 and 5 and put it in the Thanksgiving box. When they draw it out they have to talk about the number of things they are most thankful for to them right now (corresponding with the number they draw). E.g. –  If you draw a “one” you can share one thing, and so on… Of course, if folks want to share more, and they will… that is great and really adds to the discussion.  This is a good thing to do around the table during desert or to kick-off the meal celebration.

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A Box of Thanks!

The Thanksgiving Box

One year I asked everyone to write down what they were grateful for and put it in the Thanksgiving Box (a shoebox which I decorated just for the occassion). During desert each person drew out a piece of paper from the box and read what was on it. They could either guess who wrote it or the person could simply tell us it was her or him.

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Thanksgiving Activities that Rock!

Every year I host Thanksgiving dinner and like to incorporate some sort of “activity” into the meal. Here’s a list of things we have done as well as some sent to us by friends. We would love to hear your ideas too. If you have an activity or tradition in your home, we would be delighted to learn of it and post it to this page. You can send your idea to with Thanksgiving Traditions in the subject line.

Every day this week I will be posting a new activity to Tulips Talk. Here’s the first one

One year my daughters and I painted different words on river rocks and then put them in small (2 inch) bags decorated for fall. We placed them on a tray and at the end of the meal (during desert) we asked everyone to pick a bag from the bowl. We then asked each person what the word they had chosen meant to them. Some of the words we used included: Thanks, Gratitude, Freedom, Love, Sacrifice, Friendship, Family, Joy, Attitude, Health, Fun, and Laughter.

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