Archive | July 15, 2009

Floral Personality Quizzes Abound Online

Today I was surfing the ‘net to find just the perfect floral quiz to share with readers of Tulips Talk. There were so many floral personality quizzes it amazed me. I had a difficult time narrowing them down. However, I did ~ here are what I consider the TOP SEVEN flower personality quizzes online (I did not include any that required a login or to subscribe first to see the results):



1. What’s your flower type at Quizilla

2. Flowers that Match Your Personality Type


3. Which flower are you? How do your friends see you?


4. What is your flower personality (at


5. Blogthings What Flower are you? Personality quiz


6. Which Flower are You at for under 30ish


7. And my favorite (it seems to be the most comprehensive) is the Society of American Florists Personality Quiz which I wrote about here:

To help you to find out the “floral personality” of your intended recipient here’s a direct link to the quiz:

Good luck with your quiz taking! Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how accurate you think they were.