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Wedded Bling

Posey Pocket has just come out with a great new look for bridal bouquets. Its called the Crystal Rhinestone Bouquet Holder. This bridal bouquet holder is covered with nearly 700 rhinestones and accented with a keepsake sparkle organza bow and marchasite pendant to add bling and glamour to any bride’s treasured bouquet.

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Share Words of Thanks

One of my good friends Teresa Morrow of Key Business Partners shared this with me last year.

Scramble and Share 

Rearrange (scrabble) the following 10 words that evoke the holiday (or use ones that have meaning for you). eg Thanks could be hksnat, Giving could be gnviig and so forth.
apple pieYou present the scrambled words (individually) to everyone on a chalkboard or printed and handed out to everyone one at a time. Ask them to raise their hands to say if they know the word. If they do know the word and they guess it correctly, then they get to share a special memory to them that describes that word.  Don’t worry if you don’t to make it to all 10, if the conversation gets so great after 4, then let it be.


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SCROLL Down for Thanksgiving Activity

Scrolls of Thanks

Create and print out a scroll for each member of your family, and tie each one with a piece of ribbon. Set your family scrolls in a place everyone will see between now and Thanksgiving, so that each family member is reminded, day by day, of this small love responsibility.

Tell them something like this:

“Inside each of these scrolls is a very short story. Each story is about one thing someone in our family gave to you which made you happy. The only rule is: it can’t be a thing. It has to be something someone in the family did for you.”

That’s it. Stress that there’s no writing involved– only speaking, at Thanksgiving Dinner, at the appropriate moment. Tell them there’s no rush at all. And that the story is fine even if it’s very short. It just has to be true. Then, at Thanksgiving, each family member symbolically unwraps his or her story, and tells it, in the warm, quiet palace of love. (Source:

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Speaking of Forks… Giving Thanks

The Talking Fork

This old storytelling game has been around forever, but it just might do the trick when the kids have cleaned their plates and are ready to fly out the door again. Just ask: “Did everybody use a fork?” They’ll all nod.

“Good. If you just used a fork, then you owe the cook a magic memory. I will now unveil The Talking Fork.” Puzzled looks will follow. “I cooked this meal. And before we all leave, I want to hear some good, fun, magic family memories. Here’s the Talking Fork. I’ll go first.” Then pick up a fork around which you’ve tied a ribbon — a nice, big serving fork is good for dramatic effect — and begin. (Source:

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Florascope – Sagittarius


Sagitarrius (Nov 22- Dec 21) Do you sometimes feel like you are somewhere between a rock and a hard place? If so,  you are not alone this month! However, you can channel your drive and energy to accomplish almost anything you set out to do just now!  Surround yourself with the elegant Calla Lily.Need to order flowers for the Sagitarrius in your life?  Visit EDEN FLORIST

The Thanksgiving Puzzle

I found this great crossword puzzle at Info Please.

Check it out at

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