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How New Year is Said Around the World

happy new year

Arabic: Kul ‘aam u antum salimoun

Brazilian: Boas Festas e Feliz Ano Novo means “Good Parties and Happy New Year”

Chinese: Chu Shen Tan

Czechoslavakia: Scastny Novy Rok

Dutch: Gullukkig Niuw Jaar

Finnish: Onnellista Uutta Vuotta

French: Bonne Annee

German: Prosit Neujahr

Greek: Eftecheezmaenos o Kaenooryos hronos

Hebrew: L’Shannah Tovah Tikatevu

Hindi: Niya Saa Moobaarak

Irish (Gaelic): Bliain nua fe mhaise dhuit

Italian: Buon Capodanno

Khmer: Sua Sdei tfnam tmei

Laotian: Sabai dee pee mai

Polish: Szczesliwego Nowego Roku

Portuguese: Feliz Ano Novo

Russian: S Novim Godom

Serbo-Croatian: Scecna nova godina

Spanish: Feliz Ano Neuvo  and Prospero Ano Nuevo

Turkish: Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun

Vietnamese: Cung-Chuc Tan-Xuan

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More New Year Facts and Traditions

new year baby

In Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, and Mexico, those with hopes of traveling in the New Year carry a suitcase around the house at midnight

In China on New Year they burn crackers to scare the evil spirits

The doors and windows of every home in China are sealed with paper to keep the evil demons out

The Dutch believe that eating donuts on New Year’s Day will bring good fortune.

The hog, and its meat, is considered lucky because it symbolizes prosperity.

Cabbage is another “good luck” vegetable that is consumed on New Year’s Day by many.

Cabbage leaves are also considered a sign of prosperity, being representative of paper currency.

The ancient Persians gave New Year’s gifts of eggs, which symbolized productiveness

Many cultures believe that anything in the shape of a ring is good luck, because it symbolizes “coming full circle,” completing a year’s cycle.

In China, many people wear in the new year a new pair of slippers that is bought before the new year, because it means to step on the people who gossip about you

Did you know that a raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top

In Burma there is a three day New Year festival called Maha Thingyan, which is celebrated with prayers, fasting and fun.

In Denmark old dishes are saved year around to throw at the homes where their friends live on New Years Eve ~ many dishes = many friends

In Northern Portugal children go caroling from home to home and are given treats and coins

In Switzerland people believe good luck comes from letting a drop of cream land on the floor New Years Day.

Ditch New Years Resolutions Day is January 17th, generally when most people abandon theirs

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Play Flower Trivia

~When words escape, flowers speak.~
Bruce W. Currie


Can you guess the flowers in the following verses?

This is a multiple choice Trivia Contest. Leave your replies in the comments section.  We will have a random drawing on January 10th and announce the “winner” via linkedin, facebook and twitter. The winner will receive a copy of your choice of one of three books.  Really Imporatnt Stuff My Kids Have Taught Me by Cynthia Copeland Lewis, Witty Words from Wise Women by BJ Gallagher or Hugs from Heaven ~ The Christmas Story

Goddess of the rainbow, I;
Am graceful in the spring;
My petals droop like butterflies;
I lend the colour to your eyes;
My praises poets sing.


My name means “star”; my flowers bright;
Are shaggy as a lion;
Like daisy and chrysanthemum;
My blossoms thrive in gentle sun;
I am the cheerful kind.


I am treasure of the Mother;
Spicy scents I hold;
My blossoms cheer you, every one;
I smile to see my merry sun;
I’m decked in shades of gold.

black eyed susan

My name will speak of cleanliness;
I never flaunt my hues;
My scent redolent of an age;
When blooms in linen chests were laid;
Then I was always used.


Wear me in your next corsage;
Expensive and exotic;
Sophisticated colour scheme;
My spots and streaks may sometimes seem;
Amazingly quixotic.


I am shy; I live in shade;
My blooms are fine and small;
My name’s a colour, loved by most;
Of tiny blooms I am the toast;
My scent enchanting all.


I’m sometimes called a poppy;
But my name is hard to spell;
I wear a pointed hood of green;
To hide my orange petals’ sheen;
Yet I am bold as well.



Florascope for Capricorn

CAPRICORN ~ December 22 – January 20

People born under the Sun Sign of Capricorn are goal-oriented, status driven individuals with high standards and ethics.  Generally speaking, Capricorns are ambitious and disciplined enough to succeed at whatever they choose. Capricorns, while seeming serious most of the time, have a good sense of humor.

Capricorns look for opportunity in every aspect of life with their eye on the next mountain to climb or plateau to reach. Capricorns tend to be realists, looking at life as it is and seeing what can be accomplished.  For the Capricorn, seeing is believing.

Capricorns gemstones are Amethyst and Turquoise and their colors are dark green, slate grey, browns and blacks.  However, the more adventurous Capricorns love adding vibrance to these darker colors ~ a splash of red or turquoise makes them feel alive.

This month, give the Capricorn in your life long-lasting flowers such as carnations, orchids and alstromeria.