A Rose by Any Other Name …

."A rose by any other name".. Might Not Attract as Much Attention!

June is Rose month and before its over, I thought I’d write about how many roses get their name.

Famous people have been the inspiration for naming beautiful roses for almost as long as the rose has been around. In fact, the naming of rose hybrids in honor of loved ones, ex-presidents such as John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, First Ladies like Barbara Bush, royalty such as Queen Elizabeth and Princess of Monaco or religious leaders like St. Patrick, Cardinal de Richelieu, and Billy Graham are just a few of the thousands of “celebrities” who’s names were given to roses of all shapes, sizes and varieties.

One might think naming a rose after a famous person is a badge of honor however according to the Rose Hybridizers Association its more about name recognition. The more recognizable the name, the easier the rose is to market

“The rose is the queen of flowers. It’s the most beloved garden plant. What better way to immortalize our stars…  says Tom Carruth, the legendary hybridizer and creator of the Julia Child, Betty Boop, and George Burns roses.

GOOD CAN COME OUT OF THE NAMING OF A ROSE as evidenced by the sales of the Diana, Princess of Wales hybrid. In fact 15% of net sales has been donated to her Memorial Fund, as an ongoing effort to support the causes she devoted herself to.

I wonder why kind of rose they will name after Michael Jackson (rest in peace)? My guess is it will be something disarming, bright, showy and a little quirky.

Here are pictures of some famous roses:


Whoopi (for Whoopi Goldberg)

Whoopi (for Whoopi Goldberg)

Chris Evert Rose

Chris Evert Rose





Dusty Springfield Rose

Dusty Springfield Rose

Freddy Mercury Rose

Freddy Mercury Rose

Other famous roses include:

Anne Boleyn
Betty Boop
Charles De Gaule
Christian Dior
Julia Child,
Leonardo da Vinci,
Crown Princess Margareta
David Whitfield
Florence Nightingale
Ingrid Bergman
Judy Garland
Princess Alexandra
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Mother
Rob Roy
Robert Burns
Sir Walter Raleigh
Tina Turner
Videl Sassoon
Maria Shriver
Agatha Christie
Barbra Streisand
Barbara Bush
Bing Crosby
George Burns
Marilyn Monroe
Rosie O’donnell
Santa Claus l
Barbara Mandrell
Dolly Parton
The McCartney

To see the images of these roses and others visit: http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/511637400pyTfiM

JUST FOR FUN: Try your hand at the celebrity roses quiz here:

5 thoughts on “A Rose by Any Other Name …

  1. I have never heard of a rose being named after someone. How interesting. By the way, I flunked that test miserably (lol).

    Karen O’Bannon’s last blog post..The Importance of Practice

  2. I just learned soooo much from this post. I am now convinced that I am going to start naming roses after folks I KNOW KNOW, even if they are not famous. Will that dilute the tradition? Don’t know but I think each and every baby boomer that reads this should take a picture of a fav rose and send it to this post as a comment with their name attached.
    I know just the rose, I saw it the other day. We could even send it via mail to folks as a gift, what an honor for that person.
    Of course some folks may send a pic of a daffodil for some folks… any way sorry for the short rant. This really engaged me.
    Thanks so much

    rosie’s last blog post..What Makes You Stand Out As a Baby Boomer?

  3. Very interesting information. I have known about roses being named after celebrities, but never knew much about the process. I think the Chris Evert is my favorite, too. As for a rose named after Michael Jackson??? Maybe an orchid would be more appropriate – quite beautiful, but sadly fragile. (I got 50% of the answers right – LOL)

    Debra Stokes’s last blog post..Cool Things to Know About Radiation Therapy

  4. Rosie,

    What a fantastic idea! We must tell Bevely. Every Diva could have her own rose…. There are thousands of varieties so it wouldn’t be too difficult.

    I’m game!

    thanks for stopping by,


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