Spring Equinox, The First Day of Spring

"Spring Equinox"


Spring makes the world a happy place
You see a smile on every face.
Flowers come out and birds arrive,
Oh, isn’t it grand to be alive?

Spring is one of the four seasons of temperate zones. Astronomically, it begins with the spring equinox (begins today – March 20 in the Northern Hemisphere, and around September 23 in the Southern Hemisphere), and ends with the summer solstice (around June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere and December 21 in the Southern Hemisphere). In meteorology, it is by convention instead counted as the whole months of March, April, and May in the Northern Hemisphere and September, October, and November in the Southern Hemisphere. However, in the Irish Calendar it is counted as the whole months of February, March and April.

Spring, Almost

The sunshine gleams so bright and warm,
The sky is blue and clear.
I run outdoors without a coat,
And spring is almost here.

Then before I know it,
Small clouds have blown together,
Till the sun just can’t get through them,
And again, it’s mitten weather.


April is a rainbow month,
Of sudden springtime showers.
Bright with golden daffodils
and lots of pretty flowers

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