Today is Romance on a Budget Day!

"Today is Romance on a Budget Day!"Did you “blow it” for Valentine’s Day? Did your sweetie give you the worst Valentine’s present ever?  Was it the most unromantic gift you could think of, like a toaster or vacuum cleaner or worse? Did he (or she) forget Valentine’s Day all together? I mean, what’s wrong with a new MOP anyway?  After all, it would be a great way to make your getaway from that relationship.  February has long been known as the month of romance.  From Valentine’s Day (February 14th) to Dream of Your Sweetheart Day (February 13th) to Cuddle Day (February 25th), February brings many opportunities to shower your love with affection.  However, up to now, no day has existed for the romantically challenged who want to show their affection without spending a fortune.   Romance isn’t about how much money you lavish on another.  It’s about attracting the object of your affection.  Romance is about making dreams and fantasies come true.  It’s a time to ignite the soul and recreate adventures of the heart. Romance does, however, have a price.  Romance is about timing, imagination, exploration and creativity.   Hence, National Romance on a Budget Day® was created to be celebrated on February 28th.     It’s a time to put on your thinking cap, kick in your creativity gauge and UP the romance meter. National Romance on a Budget Day® is a time for true romantics to cultivate loving sensual relationships.   


While you’re at it, take the Eden Florist “Romance” Survey and you could win one of many prizes including the book Romance on a Budget – 199 Cheap Thrills, Romantic Antics and Love-Changing Experiences, and 52 Weeks of Romance in a Box! Be sure to order flowers too!




My Heart is Yours Bouquet

Medieval Europeans believed birds mated on February 14th.73% of U.S. men buy flowers on Valentine’s Day.15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.Queen Victoria sent over 2,500 Valentine’s during her reign.

The Welsh used to give each other wooden spoons on February 14th. During the nineteenth century, romantic Brits would simply pick the first person they say on February 14th to be their Valentine.Finns celebrate Valentine’s Day by being nice to their friends.

To learn more about Valentine’s Day, take the Quiz!!


Floral Personality Quizzes Abound Online

Today I was surfing the ‘net to find just the perfect floral quiz to share with readers of Tulips Talk. There were so many floral personality quizzes it amazed me. I had a difficult time narrowing them down. However, I did ~ here are what I consider the TOP SEVEN flower personality quizzes online (I did not include any that required a login or to subscribe first to see the results):



1. What’s your flower type at Quizilla

2. Flowers that Match Your Personality Type


3. Which flower are you? How do your friends see you?


4. What is your flower personality (at


5. Blogthings What Flower are you? Personality quiz


6. Which Flower are You at for under 30ish


7. And my favorite (it seems to be the most comprehensive) is the Society of American Florists Personality Quiz which I wrote about here:

To help you to find out the “floral personality” of your intended recipient here’s a direct link to the quiz:

Good luck with your quiz taking! Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how accurate you think they were.

The Thanksgiving Puzzle

I found this great crossword puzzle at Info Please.

Check it out at

And while you’re online, be sure to visit and order your Thanksgiving centerpiece today.l

What’s Your Floral Signature?


What’s your floral signature? Your mom’s? Your best friend’s? This quiz can help you learn about your own floral personality or customize the perfect arrangement for someone you love.

Just answer the seven questions on the quiz with yourself or a loved one in mind. Choose one answer per question, then click Submit for results. 

Click here to take the quiz

Valentine Quiz

Take the Valentine Quiz…

1. What did people used to believe would happen if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentine’s Day?

2. Who imprisoned Valentine?

3. Why was he imprisoned?

4. On what date was Valentine supposedly executed?

5. How many Valentine cards will be bought in a year?

6. Name 2 countries, other than the U.S., that celebrate Valentine’s Day.

7. In Roman mythology, February 14th is associated with which goddess?

8. What custom does the saying “He wears his heart on his sleeve” come from?

9. What is the flower associated with Valentine’s Day?

10. When did Hallmark make its first Valentine Card?

Bonus question:

How do you write I Love You in German? In French?  In Spanish? In Italian? In Portuguese? In Cantonese?

Click Here for the answers!