ColorAlchemy International Web Conference Starts July 14

I am thrilled to be a part of the FREE ColorAlchemy International Web Conference which begins on July 14 , 2008. My program takes place on July 15 and I will be sharing a video presentation called Flowers and Color – The ‘Secrets’ to Creating Moods Through One of Natures Greatest Gifts.

The FREE Color Alchemy International Web Conference brings together 14 color experts from around the world. We will share mind, body, and spirit secrets to benefit you with the endless supply of color for your home, garden, office, and throughout heaven and earth.

The ColorAlchemy International Web Conference is an online event hosted by Jami Lin, author of Color Alchemy and Teresa Morrow, owner of Key Business Partners

Join us to discover all the ways to apply the color energies of your body, sing the spectrum of music, and vibe to the colors of dance. Learn do-it-yourself ColorAlchemy such as how color penetrates the body to reduce wrinkles and pain, and even to lose weight!

Experience the ColorAlchemy benefits with stones and essential oils, working with mandalas, making ColorAlchemy elixirs, creating ColorAlchemy vision maps, and much more; including many other free resources just for stopping by the Event.

Mark your calendar not to miss any of the life-transforming presentations. Remember to register at, so you’ll have FREE access and to receive the updates.

I hope you will join me for the Color Alchemy International Web Conference and improve your life from the 13 other Color Masters’ secrets too!


And when you need to send the perfect flower to someone special, visit!

One thought on “ColorAlchemy International Web Conference Starts July 14

  1. Thank you Heidi for the mention about the Color Alchemy Web Conference. It is going to be a wonderful time and I believe it will allow people to realize how much color can enhance their lives–more than they may realize.

    Thanks again! And it is terrific to have you a part of the event.


    Teresa Morrow

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