Father’s Day Traditions Around the World

He … saw the dark tangled curls of his bush floating, floating hair of the stream around the limp father of thousands, a languid flatong flower. – James Joyce

Father’s Day is one of the many events famously celebrated with much fun and frolic throughout the world every year. Many countries across the globe has taken up a day—the Father’s Day—to celebrate fatherhood and honor the fathers or father-figures in every corner of the world.

Generally, countries with a Christian/ Catholic background celebrate Father’s Day on St. Joseph’s Day, March 19. Apart from that, different countries with their different set of beliefs, have selected different dates for a Father’s Day celebration. But interestingly, many Christian/ Catholic countries observe Father’s Day with a much secular celebration.
 United States –Sunday, June 19.
United Kingdom – Sunday, June 19.
Canada – Sunday, June 19.
Belgium – Belgium has two dates for Father’s Day—one on March 19, Saturday (St. Joseph’s Day) for the Christians; and another on June 12, Sunday for the Seculars.
Netherlands – Sunday, June 19.
Taiwan – Sunday, August 8.
Australia – 1st Sunday in September.
New Zealand – 1st Sunday in September.
Scandinavia – 2nd Sunday in November.
Spain – Saturday, March 19.
Germany – Wednesday, May 5(Ascension Day).
Lithuania – Sunday, June 5.
Bulgaria –  Monday, June 20.
Chile – Sunday, June 19.
France – Sunday, June 19.
Japan  – Sunday, June 19.

Another tradition of Father’s Day is that of the Flowers, Red roses are worn on Father’s Day to signify that one’s father is living. White roses mean one’s father has died. (source: fathers.net and 123greetings.com)

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