Flowers May Help After Surgery

According to a Recent Study, Patients Take Less Pain Medication When Plants and Flowers are Around

Bringing flowers to someone in the hospital has always been considered a nice thing to do, but researchers say the contact with nature may actually help people recover faster.

Researchers from Kansas State University studied 90 people recovering from an appendectomy. The patients were randomly assigned to hospital rooms with or without plants, and researchers checked how long they stayed in the hospital, how much pain medication they needed and other signs of health and satisfaction.

Patients with plants in their rooms used significantly less pain medication and had lower blood pressure and heart rates.

Overall, they were more satisfied with their entire stay.

Ninety-three percent of those who had flowers said it was the best part of the room, and 91 percent of those without flowers said it was the television.

So next time someone you care about is in the hospital, be sure and send flowers! You can visit our website – for a nice selection of cheerful arrangments to brighten anyone’s room.

Thanks, Cathie Starkey for sending this to me!

Happy New Year to all.

9 thoughts on “Flowers May Help After Surgery

  1. I love fresh flowers because they’re fragrant and beautiful. You’ve shared a powerful secret about the healing properties of flowers. I so appreciate the reminder of this simple way of lifting the hearts and speeding up the recovery process. Kewl!

  2. Flowers, music and cards, give me all three and a visit from a friend. Who can’t help to be cheered up after the friend leaves with gorgeous flowers they’ve left.

  3. I read that article and it makes total sense. I also recommend sending a bouquet to the nursing staff to brighten up their day because many of them work hard to take care of those we love.

  4. Plants bring “life” to the otherwise dreary and stark environment of a hospital room…plants and flowers are a natural. This is true at home, too. Some help purify the air around us, and the colors, especially this time of year where we live, bring the promise that warmer, more comfortable days are ahead.

  5. I, too, am a firm believer in having beautiful things from nature around us.!

    Fresh flowers on the kitchen table every week are a staple in our life!

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