History of Flowers – Scent

Scent has long been associated with cut flowers. When buying flowers we are buying stems, the first thing most people do is smell the blooms. Once fragrant flowers were very common.


Today, finding fragrant flowers is more difficult. But that isn’t true so much any more. As plant breeders in the 20th century concentrated on creating varieties with larger, more spectacular blossoms, they placed less emphasis on scent. Now the tide is turning, and scientists are studying what genes and processes in the plants are responsible for fragrance, and how they can breed the fragrant ones that consumers want. 

Some fragrant flowers include Stargazer lilies, certain varieties of roses, premium carnations, calla lilies, Stock, daffodils, daylilies, sweet peas, and forsythia to name a few, many of which we carry at Eden Florist when they are in season.