I am Thankful for You Because


This year for Thanksgiving I am doing something just a little different. I got these great little blue overall party favors from Lillian Verson company and am personalizing them for all our guests.

These will serve as the placecard for everyone on Thanksgiving Day.

In addition to being pretty placecards, they will hold notes from each of the guests.

I have designed a note card for everyone with everyone’s name on it. Each guest will get a complete set of names in an envelope with a pen. On the top of each card is a pretty turkey and pumpkin clip art and each card says:

Dear (fill in the guest’s name)
I am thankful for you because: (and the guest fills this out and puts in each person’s overall).

During desert we will ask everyone to read one or two from their favor and they can take the rest home.

You can get great Thanksgiving clip-art here: http://www.christmas-graphics-plus.com/free/thanksgiving-clipart-gallery.html
This is one of my all-time favorites and because my family likes it so much, we do it every year!

Thanksgiving Activities that Rock!

If you have children in the house, be sure and download the Thanksgiving Coloring Book for their entertainment. You can find it here:

Thank you for your love and support of Eden Florist. May your Thanksgiving be all you hope for … and then some!