Make a Statement with Stately Gladiolus

Gladiolus are architectural flowers (linear) and are perfect as a focul point in any room, especially an entryway to a building or living quarters.  You can make this arrangment yourself with gladiolus, a nice tall cylindrical or square vase and a few acoutrements such as lemons, limes and other veggitation.

Ingredients you will need:

7-10 gladiolus flowers (purchased at your local florist)
3-4 stems lemon leaf or 1/3 bunch pittosporum
10-12 limes or lemons (from the local grocer)
Wooden floral picks (enough for the number of lemons or limes used)
TALL cylindrical or square vase – glass, ceramic or metal with a 4-6 inch opening
1 packet of floral preservative

If you have a nice garden with interesting greens you can cut them, immerse in water and then use them to cover the base of the container. 

Cut approximately 2 inches from the stem of the flower at an angel, then insert the gladioulus (about 7-10 stems) then add the greens around the base of the floral container (making sure the stem of the greenery is in the water).  Note: if the container mouth is more than 6 inches across you will need more gladiolus to hold all materials in place.

Insert wooden pick into bottom of each lemon or lime and then add to arrangment around base of gladiolus as seen in the picture.

Check water level and add enough to fill to two inches below top of container.

Now there’s a statement!

If you would like to save the time of gathering all the materials needed for this arrangment, give Eden Florist a call and we will design and deliver it for you! Our number is 800-966-3336 or 954-981-5515.

WE are creating a series of video floral instruction guides which will debut on Tulips Talk/Eden Florist in February. Stay tuned!

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