Marriage proposal on the Brooklyn Bridge

You may have heard about the marriage proposal that took place Saturday (Feb 28) on the Brooklyn Bridge ~ 
According to Jill “My brother proposed to his girlfriend on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday. The plan was to have people hand balloons to her as they walked across the bridge, each with a note from my brother attached. It was so cute. We had a few friends help but mostly recruited strangers as they walked in their direction. She said yes!”
For pictures of this blessed day, visit:
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5 thoughts on “Marriage proposal on the Brooklyn Bridge

  1. I heard about this through Twitter. It is really making the rounds in the blogs.

    He has set the bar really high for everyone else, hasn’t he? How creative and romantic! What girl would dare say no to such a proposal?

  2. I did not hear about this–can’t believe it but it sounds interesting The most romantic marriage and bizarre proposal I ever heard of was the airplane that flew over Yankee Stadium with the “Will You Marry Me” (woman’s name). Several women in the stands had the same name, which created quite a scene and a couple of unhappy boyfriends.

  3. What a beautiful story, I hopped over to the other blog and found the pictures…so romantic, my husband proposed to me in such a simple way, and whenever he sees some of the creative ways that people propose, he wishes he’d done more…but I love him just the same…celebrating 30 years together now, and as hubby and wife in April.

  4. Pam, yes it has made the rounds…. and it is a great story!

    We all love this type of romanticism. Brings back those memories of our own stories –

    Both my husbands proposed in simple ways. And I was surprised and ecstatic at the same time. It doesn’t really matter the where or how as long as it’s the right time for both people.

    Thanks Beverly for the great story. That is one I HAD NOT HEARD of!

    Have a wonderful day… to romance!


  5. How romantic! I had not heard this story yet. He certainly has set a high standard for himself for the rest of their life together! How’s he going to top that for anniversaries?

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