Meaning of Flowers – The Rose

"history of roses"

Rose ~ The Flower of Love

Botanical Name ~ Roseceae “Rosa” Family

White ~ I am worthy of you

Pale Pink ~ Innocence

Hot Pink ~ Infatuation

Red ~ Love, Passion

Yellow ~ Friendship, Honor

Peach ~ Beauty, Grace

One of the oldest flowers known to mankind, and perhaps the most popular,

the rose represents love, magic, hope and the mystery of life.

Nebuchadnezzarused them to adorn his palace. In Persia, they were grown for the perfume oil,

and the petals filled the Sultan’s mattress. In Kashmir, the Emperors cultivated

elaborate rose gardens and the roses were strewn in the river to welcome them


Emperors filled their sitting baths and fountains with rose-water and

sat on carpets of rose petals. The Greeks associated the rose with the blood of

Aphrodites (the Goddess of Love) beloved Adonis. The Roman’s used roses in

feasts and orgies. From an image of Pagan love, the rose was transformed into

an emblem of Christian spiritual love connected with the Virgin Mary, with

Christ’s blood and with the Crown of Thorns.

The rose was created by Chloris, the Greek Goddess of Flowers, out of the

lifeless body of a nymph found one day in a clearing in the woods. Asking

for Aphrodite’s help, she gave the nymph beauty, Dionysus (the God of Wine)

gave her a sweet scent, and the three Graces gave her joy, charm and

brightness. Zephyr (the West Wind) blew the clouds away so that Apollo

(The Sun God) could shine upon her and make the flower bloom. The rose

was born and crowned the “Queen of All Flowers.”

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