Need the Perfect Hostess Gift? Think Flowers!

It seems to me that because we have become such an “informal” society, oftentimes etiquette goes right out the window.

"Glacial White Holiday Bouquet by Eden Florist"

If you are like me you have parties galore to attend this time of year. They may be dinner parties, office parties, cocktail parties or holiday open houses. In fact, I did a very informal survey of my customers and most people said they had at least 5 events to go to between now and New Years!  And oftentimes we are not sure what to bring the host or hostess as a thank you.

That’s where Eden Florist can help! We help you find the perfect centerpiece or cut flowers or holiday plant to add a touch of class to your arrival.

Need other ideas for a hostess gift? How about a nice bottle of wine or champagne, or scented candles, the latest best-seller or perhaps a little trinket or holiday keepsake such as a bell or wine glass?

The gift does not have to be extravagant or elaborate or even expensive. It just needs to be in good taste and something you think your host will appreciate. Believe me the host will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The important thing is to never arrive empty-handed.

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Ps. If you don’t have time to get a little something, give Eden Florist a call (800-966-3336) and let us take care of the delivery for you. And if you forget to bring something, send them the next day! That always works and you will be remembered.

Pss. I’d love to know what types of gifts you bring to parties. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “Need the Perfect Hostess Gift? Think Flowers!

  1. Thanks Eileen! Appreciate yoru stopping by. Yes, flowers and plants make any room brighter!

    Happy Holidays,


  2. My mom taught me about giving gratitude to a hostess, if you cannot afford anything give her a hug before going out from the party and compliment one menu she was cooking. Since I love cooking every time me and my husband is invited to a small gathering,I always bring with me my Fettuccine recipe.

  3. If you could only see what’s inside my home. I put fresh indoor plant and some paper flowers which I bought on a Chinese store, they really are so refreshing to the eyes. Anyway, every time I visit a friend in the hospital I always make a special arrangement of flowers with fruits bouquet. I am known of bringing something like that.I am happy when I see a friend enjoying what I just had give her.

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