Non-slip Fabric Runners Now Available

If you’ve ever been to a wedding and seen a Bride catch her heel in the aisle runner or even worse fall when walking down the aisle, then you know how scarry it can be for her and everyone watching.l

In fact, you may have even seen one or more of those “trips” on the popular video show, America’s Funniest Videos. If you have, then you know what I mean.

Well now there is an exciting new product called The Non-slip Aisle Runner which is made of a nice cotton/polyester blend. Florists can purchase these in 20 colors and they are completely washable to be reused again and again. What a great new trend in the Bridal Industry.

These runners are from The Original Runner Company and you can check them out at

If you are planning a Wedding in South Florida, give Eden Florist a Call. We have been doing weddings for more than 28 years and would be delighted to create the floral decor for yours. Our number is 954-981-5515. You can visit our website at

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  1. I haven’t checked Original Runners site in a while, I will have to look at it again. Are you familiar with Lodia Rederick’s Ailse Art? Incredible.

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