Results of the Doghouse Survey

And the Survey Said…

These are the results of the “Get Out of the Doghouse” Survey. They are based upon more than 1,000 responses received.

Between ages of: Women Men
15-25 16% 13%
26-35 29% 32%
36-50 34% 32%
51+ 16% 20%
No answer 5% 3%
African American 20% 16%
Caucasian 38% 46%
Hispanic 30% 30%
Other 8% 6%
No answer 4% 2%
More often 8% 38%
Less often 61% 35%
About the same 13% 22%
Never 19% 7%
Men and women differ on the tactics they use to “Get Out of the Doghouse.”
  Women Men
Communicate/Apologize 37% 30%
Buy Flowers 5% 28%
Cook 16% 5%
Sex 11% 8%
Other 34% 29%

For women, “other” included wearing something sexy, spray his favorite perfume on the phones and all through the house, buy him a romantic car, let him watch his favorite TV show, let time pass, do something he wants, tell him how cute his is when he’s angry.

For men, “other” included write her a poem, make her a bubble bath, do what she wants to do, take her to dinner, a movie, night on the town, give her a massage, and “beg” for forgiveness.

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