Rose Recipes for the Skin

Rose Water Skin Tonic is one of the oldest skin-fresheners discovered by an Arabian dermatologist in the tenth century. Rose water  is very easy to make on your own. Mix rose essence in water and shake thoroughly. Two tablespoons essence of roses is sufficient for 4 ½ liters purified water. 

Gypsy Rose Water Skin Tonic – Gypsy Rose Water Skin Tonic –

Take 2 handfuls of dark, scented rose petals and put them into a jar or a wide topped bottle. Now put 1 liter of water and 200 gms. of sugar into the bottle or jar. Keep this mixture for 2 hours, shake again, then strain and store it in a cool place.Rose Water and Witch-Hazel Tonic –

To make  simply mix 3/4 cup rosewater and cup witch-hazel. If you have a very greasy skin you can use equal proportions of rose water and witch-hazel.


TESTIMONIAL “Thank you for the beautiful arrangement sent to me for Teacher of the Year. The rose smells so good. My students were just tickled with the delivery to our room. I will order roses from you from now on. They are lovely.” Ms. Meghan Greenwell 4th Grade Teacher Dolphin Bay Elementary