SCROLL Down for Thanksgiving Activity

Scrolls of Thanks

Create and print out a scroll for each member of your family, and tie each one with a piece of ribbon. Set your family scrolls in a place everyone will see between now and Thanksgiving, so that each family member is reminded, day by day, of this small love responsibility.

Tell them something like this:

“Inside each of these scrolls is a very short story. Each story is about one thing someone in our family gave to you which made you happy. The only rule is: it can’t be a thing. It has to be something someone in the family did for you.”

That’s it. Stress that there’s no writing involved– only speaking, at Thanksgiving Dinner, at the appropriate moment. Tell them there’s no rush at all. And that the story is fine even if it’s very short. It just has to be true. Then, at Thanksgiving, each family member symbolically unwraps his or her story, and tells it, in the warm, quiet palace of love. (Source:

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