Smile Week Going Strong on Twitter – What are YOU DOING?

National Make Someone Smile Week is really taking off. In fact, there is lots of buzz going on at Twitter.  People are coming up with a variety of ways to “spread the smiles across the miles.”

Smile Week on Twitter

Smile Week on Twitter

It all started last night when I posted about it being National Make Someone Smile Week ~National Make Someone Smile Week Begins Today I was linking to the post I wrote yesterday here..

Michael Long aka @theredrecruiter on Twitter retweeted a message I posted that had been retweeted by someone else. Here it is: @HeidiRichards I’m digging this smile week thing! Let’s spread it! 😉 #SmileWeek

Then Michael sent a message saying: “What are you doing for #smileweek? I’m going to buy a stranger a cup of coffee tomorrow. (Spread the smiles!!!)” followed by:

“Help spread the word about National Smile Week! Here is how to play! #smileweek

To which I replied “Whoohoo wouldn’t it be kool if #SmileWeek made Trending Topics????” (BTW, Trending Topics are the Top Ten topics people are talking about on Twitter. )

@HeidiRichards Absolutely! Let’s hope that #SmileWeek takes hold tomorrow when everyone gets to work! 😉

That was the beginning!  Since then hundreds of people have tweeted and retweeted about Smile Week sharing what they plan to do. People are buying cups of coffee for strangers, calling people they haven’t spoken to in a while, paying the tolls at toll booths and so much more.

So I thought it would be fun to find out what MY READERS are doing to Spread the Smiles Across the Miles for National Smile Week.

so far, my staff and I have sent flowers to two local nursing homes, the local post office, a hospital information desk, local library and I have given my UPS, FEDEX and Postal Carrier flowers.  Not to mention all the fun quotes, riddles, stories and good will shared on Twitter!

Let’s get this Smile Week ball rolling so fast it goes round the world at least once!

Are you up for the challenge?  If so,  feel free let us know what your plans are and what you’ve already done (in the comments section below). And if you are on Twitter, leave your Twitter ID and be sure to post your replies on Twitter with the #SmileWeek hashtag so others will see what you are doing.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas and goodwill stories!

4 thoughts on “Smile Week Going Strong on Twitter – What are YOU DOING?

  1. So many ways to get a smile. Send a heart felt card. Call a friend up. Do something nice for someone else.

    One thing I’ve found fun to do is see how many smiles you can collect from strangers while out shopping.

  2. A smile improves your face value, I’ve heard it said.

    I have learned that if you smile, even when you don’t feel like it, that you improve someone else’s mood as well as your own.

    I prepared a meal today and took it to a family who is having a very hard time. It made them smile, and me too!

  3. Heidi,

    Great suggestions. Thanks for making me think! I often do these things unconsiously and now will make a more consious effort to make someone smile!


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