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In a study done by the Society of American Florists they found that “Flowers Lead Toward “Better Bottom Line”


“Naturalizing the workplace can lead to more productive workers and a better bottom line,” Joanna Poncavage tells readers, touting SAF’s Impact of Flowers & Plants on Workplace Productivity Study.

Recent scientific research at Texas A&M University found that ideas, creative performance and problem solving improve substantially in places with flowers and plants,” Poncavage says.

In 2003, SAF partnered with an internationally recognized research team at Texas A&M University to learn how flowers and plants in the workplace impact productivity and problem solving.

“The Texas A&M research is a great sales tool to help convince businesses why they need flowers,” says Jennifer Sparks, SAF’s vice president of marketing. “Commercial accounts represent a profitable market for florists, and while they do require some upfront efforts, the long-term rewards are significant.”

In fact, I have had several customers tell me that flowers do the trick!

We have an attorney who sends flowers to clients to thank them for their business and for their referrals. They always call and thank her and oftentimes will end up being our customers.

One customer was trying to get an appointment with the Human Resource Director of a Big Company and he could not get past the gatekeeper. He called for about the 5th time and was again brushed off.  While speaking with the assistant he noticed she was sneezing a little and asked if she was okay. She told him she was just getting over a cold. He called my shop and ordered a “chicken soup” arrangement and had it delivered that day. Needless to say, he got the appointment and subsequently the business.


Here’s what one satisfied customer has to say about Eden Florist work:
“On behalf of the faculty and staff of Northwest Christian Academy I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU! The arrangement is beautiful. Blossom and I will have the vase for a long time. You will be seeing and hearing form us in the near future.” Marcia Davis

So if you were wondering whether or not flowers would help you close the sale… this study should give you at least one more reason to SEND FLOWERS.