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I Left My Heart FOR San Francisco

I Left My Heart For San Francisco by Marie

“I was engaged to this guy and we had set up a joint savings account.  One day I decided I wanted to go to San Francisco, so I took money out of our joint account and went on a trip.  When I got back, he was really mad at me and wouldn’t talk for two weeks. To punish me, he wouldn’t take me anywhere, we just stayed home.  He made me promise never to do that again, but after that our relationship just went downhill.  He never really trusted me again and I thought if he’s going to act like this before we get married, what’s it going to be like after?  So you could say, I got out of the doghouse when I got out of the relationship.  It turned out to be less than I hoped for, you really learn a lot about someone when money is an issue.  I am just glad I found out before we got married.”        (submitted by Marie in Miramar, FL)

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How Green is my “Dog” House

This Story was submitted to Eden Florist by someone who took our original “Doghouse Survey”. (names were withheld at writers requests – and to protect the innocent).

How Green is My “Dog” House by Paul L.

“My wife loves growing things and has been ‘hinting’ that she really wanted a greenhouse.   I told her it would take up too much room, that it was too big. After all, 30 feet by 20 feet is a little bit much. She was not happy with that answer and as a result has not been as friendly toward me lately.  One day while walking along Las Olas Blvd I stopped at one of those gift shops.  Inside was a miniature greenhouse with real plants in it.  I bought it for her and brought it home.  Needless to say, she was very happy.  And so am I, because it only takes up 30 inches by 20 inches!  The irony is that when we were first married (20+ years ago) I wanted a biclycle that we couldn’t really afford.  We had other priorities, like food, rent, electric….  That Christmas she bought me a miniature bicycle for our Christmas tree.  I got my bicycle and she got her greenhouse.  Relationships are full of compromise.  In order to stay out of the Doghouse, one must know when and how to compromise.” – Paul L. – Miami, Florida

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