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Care and Handling of Flowers

"Care and Handling of Flowers"Cloudy or discolored water in vases is an indication of decomposition and Bacterial growth.  Change water in your container every day or two, using fresh warm water.  This will open the stems, allowing the water to flow to the flower.  Your fresh flowers will last longer.

Water that sits in a vase with stems of flowers also becomes stagnant and after a day or so begins to smell.

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How To can Enjoy the Physical and Emotional Benefits of Flowers

Increase energy with red roses
Since red has the slowest vibratory rate and and longest wavelength, it stimulates adrenal glands, boosting energy.
blue purple irisBoost confidence with irises
The color indigo stimulates the brain’s pineal gland, which is the regulator of sleep patterns. Indigo also helps to free the mind of worries, fear and inhibition.
sunflowersEnhance alertness with sunflowers
Yellow lightwaves stimulate the brain, making you alert, clearheaded and decisive. And since we associate yellow with the sun’s rays and daylight, it’s said to help us feel more optimistic.
bluebellsGet a good night’s sleep with bluebells
Blue triggers the production of melotonin, a brain chemical that helps us relax and sleep soundly. Blue also stimulates the thyroid gland to release thyroxin, a hormone that regulates metabolic rate.
green zinniasRelax with green zinnias
Green affects the nervous system, making us breathe slowly and deeply, slowing the production of stress hormones and helping the heart relax.
orange gerbera daisyPrevent allergies with orange daisies
Orange strengthens the immune system and the lungs, which can ward off spring allergies. Orange also has a strong beneficial effect on the digestive system and can stimulate the sexual organs.
purple irisRelieve stress with lilacs
Violet cools us, alleviating “hot” conditions like heat rash and sunburn, and suppressing hunger and balancing metabolism. It also stimulates the pituitary gland, the part of the brain that releases tension-fighting beta-endorphins.
(source: ©Society of American Florists)

Floral Tips: Make ’em Last Longer!

sunshine splendor
Flowers like sunshine while they are growing. It helps them mature to the “picked” stage.

However, cut flowers will deteriorate much faster if exposed to heat and direct sunlight.

To keep flowers fresh longer keep them away from sun and drafts.