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Flowers and Religion

flowers and religion

1. In what religious tradition does the groom arrive at the ceremony on a white horse (often decorated with flowers)?
a) Muslim    b) Baptist    c) Anglican    d) Hindu

2. True or false? Flowers are forbidden at Jewish funerals.

3. Catholic weddings are rarely held during Lent. When they are, the flowers used should be:
a) Purple    b) Loose    c) Understated    d) Inexpensive

4. True or false?  In the Islamic tradition, white flowers are especially suitable for funerals.

5. In which houses of worship are flowers not permitted in sacred areas?
a) Jewish    b) Mormon    c) Buddhist    d) Methodist

6. What sort of flowers should never adorn a Buddhist altar?
a) Thorned    b) Silk    c) Chrysanthemums    d) Potted

7. In which religious tradition do congregants construct an “epitapho,” or tomb of Christ, entirely from flowers during the Lenten season?
a) Catholic    b) Mennonite    c) Episcopal    d) Greek Orthodox

8. In the Catholic, Episcopal and Anglican traditions, what color is especially appropriate for flowers used at Pentecost?
a) White    b) Red    c) Blue    d) Multicolored



#1. d) Hindu

#2. False While they are not part of traditional Jewish Ceremonies, they are not forbidden for reformed Jewish services. They are not used for Orthodox services.

#3. c) Understated

#4. False. Depending on their ethnic origin and even on what particular branch of Islam they are from, there are differing opinions and traditions regarding flowers, the colors, appropriateness and acceptance. White and red are used in Islamic weddings, while greenery and perfumed flowers of any color are used at funerals.

#5. b) Mormon

#6. a) Thorned flowers. Chrysanthemums are a favorite in Buddhist ceremonies

#7. d) Greek Orhodox

#8. b) Red