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The Healing Power of Sympathy Flowers

“Just a kind word or a greeting; Just a warm grasp or a smile There are flowers that will lighten The burdens for many a mile. After the journey is over What is the use of them How can they carry them who must be carried? Oh give them the flowers now!”
– Leigh M. Hodges –    

"The Healing Power of Flowers"
Flowers lift the “spirit” in so many ways – whether to say Thank You, I Love You, You are Appreciated, Let’s Celebrate or in sympathy, flowers are a source of emotional support for recipients the world over.
According to Candice Shoemaker, PhD (National Funeral Directors Association), “people who receive sympathy flowers prefer them to receiving sympathy cards, food or even memorial donations.” The Society of American Florists and Rutgers University conducted two studies on the emotional impact of flowers. One survey provides scientific proof that flowers increase happiness and life satisfaction and lead to increased contact with friends and family. The other survey showed that “81% of seniors who received weekly bouquets proved less depressed over time.”
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