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Flower Study Unearths Buyers Generational Preferences

The Society of American Florists conducted research to find out what flowers “mean” to different generations. Here’s an excerpt of that study:

“SAF’s Generations of Flowers consumer research study, completed in January 2009, explores the motivations and barriers of how different age groups perceive, buy, and use flowers and floral outlets. Three generations of consumers were assessed through qualitative and quantitative measures: Generation Y (ages 18-30), Generation X (31-44), and Baby Boomers (45-60). The study methodology included:

Interviews with generational and gift giving research giants, Iconoculture and Roper
Two online focus groups of 57 individuals
Online survey of 1,557 flower consumers”

Key Inisghts Included Flowers and Gifting, Flower Purchase Behaviors and compared Boomers, Gen X’ers and Gen Y feelings toward flowers in general.

For instance when it comes to floral purchases

Gen Y is “most likely to purchase flowers in person and deliver flowers themselves. This echoes a “personalization” trend in gifting characteristic of this generation.”

And Gen Y is also “more likely to purchase flowers to impress guests in their home, significantly higher than other generations. This indicates an opportunity to reposition the value of flowers for the younger consumer.”

Compared to Gen X which “most likely purchases flowers as a traditional holiday/occasion gift for someone else, as a “just because” pick-me-up gift, and for home decoration.”

The Baby Boomer Generation “is significantly more likely than other generations to keep flowers in their consideration set when purchasing a gift, and to find flowers appropriate for a broad range of gifting situations.”

To read the rest of the study visit http://www.canadiangardencentre.ca/content/view/2017/38/

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