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Roses – Their Meanings, the Myths and other Trivia


The real beauty in roses is the story behind them. For centuries, roses have inspired love and brought beauty to those who have received them. In fact, the rose’s rich heritage dates back thousands of years. 

• People have been passionate about roses since the beginning of time. It is said that the floors of Cleopatra’s palace were carpeted with delicate rose petals, and that the wise and knowing Confucius had a 600 book library specifically on how to care for roses.

 • Wherefore art thou rose? In the readings of Shakespeare, of course. He refers to roses more than 50 times throughout his writing. 

• One thousand years old. That’s the age the world’s oldest living rose bush is thought to be. Today, it continues to flourish on the wall of the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany. 

• Why white roses are so special is no mystery — it’s a myth. Perhaps it started with the Romans, who believed white roses grew where the tears of Venus fell as she mourned the loss of her beloved Adonis.  To read more about Roses, click here.

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History of Roses

"history of roses"

Roses have a long and colorful history. They have been symbols of love, beauty, war, and politics. The rose is, according to fossil evidence, 35 million years old. In nature, the genus Rosa has some 150 species spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere, from Alaska to Mexico and including northern Africa .

Garden cultivation of roses began some 5,000 years ago, probably in China . During the Roman period, roses were grown extensively in the Middle East . They were used as confetti at celebrations, for medicinal purposes, and as a source of perfume. Roman nobility established large public rose gardens in the south of Rome . After the fall of the Roman Empire , the popularity of roses seemed to rise and fall depending on gardening trends of the time.  

During the fifteenth century, the rose was used as a symbol for the factions fighting to control England . The white rose symbolized York , and the red rose symbolized Lancaster , as a result, the conflict became known as the “War of the Roses.”  Roses were in such high demand during the seventeenth century that royalty considered roses or rose water as legal tender, and they were often used as barter and for payments.

Napoleon’s wife Josephine established an extensive collection of roses at Chateau de Malmaison, an estate seven miles west of Paris in the 1800s. This garden became the setting for Pierre Joseph Redoute’s work as a botanical illustrator. In 1824, he completed his watercolor collection “Les Rose,” which is still considered one of the finest records of botanical illustration.  

It wasn’t until the late eighteenth century that cultivated roses were introduced into Europe from China.

Most modern-day roses can be traced back to this ancestry.