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My Love for a Set of Teeth

My Love for a Set of Teeth by John MacNanamee

“When I first met my wife, I was a wild and crazy guy – into motorcycles.  She was (and still is) the complete opposite.  She is always well dressed and me, well let’s just say that most of the time, there’s dirt under my fingernails.   When she finally decided she would go out with me, I picked her up on my ‘chopper’  (motorcycle), which did not impress her any.  The date didn’t go too well; we ran out of gas about a mile away from her home and she had to help me push it to a gas station.  Then we got back on the chopper to go out and the front pipe came off, shot a flame and caught my pants leg on fire.  To top it off, I took her to a biker bar and she freaked out.  In order to get her to go out with me again and stay together, she said I needed to get a driver’s license, get a job and get a set of front teeth! So that’s how I got out of the doghouse with her.”
Ps. “We’ve been together 25 years (dated for 3, engaged for 18 and married for 4)  They say that opposites attract, I guess it’s true!
(submitted by John MacNanamee – Pembroke Pines, FL)

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