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Pictures to Ponder Post – The PS

Last week a dear friend of mine stopped by with her friend Judith. We had a nice visit and I gave them the “nickel tour.”

As they were leaving my staff presented them each with a presentation bouquet of half a dozen long-stem red roses, because that’s what we do whenever someone visits for the first time and I give them a tour, they cannot leave empty handed.

As they say, good deeds never go unnoticed and this was no exception. Sheila sent me the following lovely thank you note:

“Hi Heidi, Thank you so much for the delightful visit today and the generous gift of your time, as well as the beautiful flowers.  With appreciation and love,” Sheila

PS – I also put the video and a couple of photos …might do more on http://www.sheilafinkelstein.com/roses-heidi.html

Sometimes the greatest gift is in the “PS” and I just had to share it with you. You see I too was working on a video when Sheila and Judith stopped by (which you will hear more about in the next post) and I guess it inspired Sheila to create one for her readers. How delightful!

If you’d like more beautiful photos like this one, be sure and sign up for Sheila’s Pictures to Ponder Newsletter at http://www.sheilafinkelstein.com/PTP-subscribe-sf.html

Tell her “Heidi sent you.”

And if you too would like some beautiful roses like these, stop by and say Hi!

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