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Making a Picture to Display Your Pressed Flowers

“Earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Start with a wooden frame.  The frame back can be stapled easily to the frame. Metal and plastic frames come equipped with clips allowing the back of the frame to be opened and closed easily.Flowers can be secured on acid free card or on a piece of soft fabric such as velvet. When using fabric, cut the fabric the same size as the glass (otherwise it tends to wrinkle around the edges).

Using tweezers,  arrange the flowers and greens on the card or fabric to create your “picture.”  Carefully, put a drop of craft glue, using a toothpick, and press the flower down firmly into its final position. Let the glue dry completely before framing the picture. With a calligraphy or metallic pen, write the name of each flower and foliage used and any other notes about the picture, before framing. 

Cover with the glass and secure the backboard onto the frame. For long-lasting results it is best to make an air tight seal when framing. Premature fading and deterioration of pressed flowers can occur when air seeps into the picture.

Avoid displaying your new work of art in direct sunlight (also causing fading) and keep out of rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms or kitchens.

For other ideas for making fabulous floral picture frames visit: Maddylane Designs