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Make Roses Last Longer

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“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.” – Persian Proverb –


How to make roses last longerTo keep your roses longer, submerge the whole stem in a tub of warm water for 3 minutes. Cut the stem underwater and place in a vase of warm water.

This hydrates the rose and helps it bloom fully.

Be sure to order Roses during June (rose month).  Check out Eden Florist’s Specials!

Testimonial: Heidi – Just a note to thank you for that beautiful rose that we received at the recent GNI meeting at Neimans.  I have it in a vase with some tangerine colored gerber daisies and your rose is absolutely breathtaking.  Thanks for bringing joy to all of us that evening with your generosity of spirit! Kindest regards, Teri Karst