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Flowers and Customer Service

Although Valentine’s Day is behind us, I am still reminded of this fast-paced fun holiday on a daily basis.  Reminders come via phone messages and emails thanking us for a great job or suggesting ways to improve upon what we have done.

One of the most pleasant surprises came in the form of an article written by a new customer about Eden Florist and his experience with our shop.  I was blown away by what he wrote and the fact that he shared it with his colleagues and friends in such a profound way that I just had to share the news with you.

Here’s the link to the article in Travel Trade Magazine: http://www.traveltrade.com/news_article.htm?id=980&p=news.htm written by Jim Smith, CTIE – President of Market Share, Inc and Brand Congruency

You can be sure that this will end up in the Media Section of Eden Florist for all to see!

 Here’s a link to a blog post I wrote on my personal blog entitled “Are You in Control of Customer Service ” which you may also find interesting.

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Heidi Richards Mooney