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According to the Perfect Wedding Guide a downturn in the economy won’t stop the bride to be! 

Even though the economy has influenced spending habits slightly, the wedding industry is strong!  Wedding experts predict a 9.5% increase in the number of weddings over the next 12 years. 

Even though the economy has influenced spending habits slightly, the wedding industry is strong!  Wedding experts predict a 9.5% increase in the number of weddings over the next 12 years. 


However, Brides are much more price concious than ever.  The wedding gown is a perfect example of what I mean. My last 3 Brides-to-be shared with me that they looked for “bargains” when it came to major purchases such as their wedding gowns.

Although they may have wanted designer gowns, they opted for “off the rack,” or discounted gowns. One bride found the gown she wanted at a local salon and then searched online until she found it for less money and quicker delivery.  Another bride waited until a local bridal store was having a big sale, lined up outside the store until it opened and then found the “almost perfect dress.” Although she said it wasn’t her first choice, she was happy with her selection because it cost a fraction of what she would have paid 2 years ago.

And the third bride told me she looked online at eBay. She found the perfect gown customized to her size and she got it in 5 weeks time (from China). I told her my eBay story about how I too found the perfect gown from China. The shipping cost more than the dress! That was in 2007. I got the perfect gown to go with the perfect husband! 

I asked my brides why they chose Eden Florist for their wedding flowers and they each said because they had been recommended, saw my work and knew we wouldn’t overcharge them because it was a wedding.  In fact, one bride came from Palm Beach to order her flowers because she told me her florist wanted about 25% more than I did for basically the same things.

 So if you are planning to get married soon, be sure to give Eden Florist a call
at 954-981-5515. We are delighted to give you a quote and help to make your BIG DAY an affair to remember.

Will your marriage be a success!

I just found this great blog called Cherished Gifts & Favors with Tips & Trends  for planning your Party or Wedding and wanted to share it with my readers.  The latest issue is all about The month in which you marry. 

It starts like this: Fun Wedding Fact: As legend goes, the month in which you get married may predict the fate of your marriage:

“Married when the year is new, he’ll be loving, kind and true;
When February birds do mate, you wed nor dread your fate;

To read the rest of the post, go to: http://www.cherishedgiftsandfavorsblog.com/

If you are planning a wedding this year, be sure and let us know. Eden Florist is known for superior flowers, exceptional design and reasonable prices.

And stay tuned because we will be showcasing our newest eBook “Yes, is Only the Beginning.”  This book is filled with wedding customs, ideas and more to help you plan the perfect wedding. Publication date, first week in April.

Non-slip Fabric Runners Now Available

If you’ve ever been to a wedding and seen a Bride catch her heel in the aisle runner or even worse fall when walking down the aisle, then you know how scarry it can be for her and everyone watching.l

In fact, you may have even seen one or more of those “trips” on the popular video show, America’s Funniest Videos. If you have, then you know what I mean.

Well now there is an exciting new product called The Non-slip Aisle Runner which is made of a nice cotton/polyester blend. Florists can purchase these in 20 colors and they are completely washable to be reused again and again. What a great new trend in the Bridal Industry.

These runners are from The Original Runner Company and you can check them out at www.originalrunners.com.

If you are planning a Wedding in South Florida, give Eden Florist a Call. We have been doing weddings for more than 28 years and would be delighted to create the floral decor for yours. Our number is 954-981-5515. You can visit our website at www.EdenFlorist.com.