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Multicultural Nuptials

Heidi Richards Mooney of Eden Florist Talks about Multicultural Nuptials to Floral Management Magazine A few years ago Heidi Richards Mooney was interviewed by Floral Management magazine about the popularity of ethnic weddings in the United States, and how florists have been able to appeal to that market, in the cover story of its March 2007 issue.

Here’s an excerpt:

Heidi Richards, AAF, has always designed wedding bouquets using an odd number of flowers — it makes for better distribution and presentation, she says. Little did she realize that the odd numbers are right in line with a Chinese bridal tradition. This realization came when Richards, owner of Eden Florist & Gift Shop in Miramar, Fla., had a preliminary meeting with a half-Chinese, half-Italian bride-to-be. When the bride said that Chinese traditions call for bouquets with either five or seven blooms, Richards says she initially laughed about the coincidence. But, she says that the small detail, coupled with Richards’ prior knowledge (thanks to researching online) of how Chinese culture incorporates bamboo and cherry blossoms into their weddings — was, in fact, what cinched the deal for this bride’s wedding.

You can read more about it here: “Multicultural Nuptials.”

or copy and paste this link into your browser – https://edenflorist.com/wp-content/uploads/multicultural_nuptials.pdf

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Weddings Abound in Springtime!

Weddings Abound in Springtime!

Many flowers fail in wood
or perish from the hill
without the privilege to know
that they are beautiful
– Emily Dickinson –

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “let’s party.” Why not add the touch of elegance to your proms, graduations, weddings & events. To check out our newly designed weddings pages, visit http://www.edenflorist.com/index.php?cPath=43. And to view our newly designed events pages, visit http://www.edenflorist.com/pages.php?CDpath=3.

The wedding page also includes links to checklists, rules for a happy marriage, preserving your flowers, customer testimonials and more!

Wedded Bling

Posey Pocket has just come out with a great new look for bridal bouquets. Its called the Crystal Rhinestone Bouquet Holder. This bridal bouquet holder is covered with nearly 700 rhinestones and accented with a keepsake sparkle organza bow and marchasite pendant to add bling and glamour to any bride’s treasured bouquet.

You can check out their entire line at PoseyPockets.com.

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