Thanksgiving Fun for the Family

This is one of my favorites and I am going to use this one of these days…. It is an old tradition that is delightful and inspiring. As you read it picture yourself around a table at the first thanksgiving. What would you be thankful for back then?

This old storytelling game has been around forever, but it just might do the trick when the kids have cleaned their plates and are ready to fly out the door again. Just ask: “Did everybody use a fork?”  They’ll all nod.

“Good. If you just used a fork, then you owe the cook a magic memory. I will now unveil The Talking Fork.”  Puzzled looks will follow.  “I cooked this meal. And before we all leave, I want to hear some good, fun, magic family memories. Here’s the Talking Fork. I’ll go first.” Then pick up a fork around which you’ve tied a ribbon — a nice, big serving fork is good for dramatic effect — and begin.  Source: Family


Another fun activity for family members of all ages is the Happy Pumpkins.  You will need one miniature pumpkin per guest and several “magic markers.”

Ask each guest to decorate their pumpkin to reflect their mood, personality or creative nature.  Use these as a centerpiece for the desert table.

And here’s another Thanksgiving activity that is sure to bring a smile to your guests faces:

Picture Perfect Thanksgiving

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