The Meaning and History of Hyacinths

“…In triumph over hearts that strive, I may see the Glory of Spring that hyacinth may a longer day endure. How well I, the skillful gardener, grew where from above the milder sun deals flowers and herbs anew.” – Sonia A Willars 


Hyacynth ~ Sport, Play, Loveliness, Sorrow, Please Forgive Me.

 Botanical Name: Hyacynthus

Family: Liliaceae

According to Greek mythology, there was a handsome young man from Sparta called Hyacinthus. Apollo, the Sun God, was his great friend. Apollo would descend to earth from his golden chariot in the sky just so the two friends could play together. One day when Zephyrus, the God of Wind; jealously watched, he blew a strong wind toward a disc that Apollo threw to Hyacinthus, striking him a fatal blow to the head. Apollo, filled with grief, created hyacynthus from the young lad’s blood, ensuring Hyacinthus’ memory would live on.

The Hyacinth was brought early to Europe from Turkey and grown in Europe’s first botanical garden in Padua, Italy. Originally there were only four colors, but by 1775, more than two thousand named cultivars inhabited the earth.










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  1. Hyacynths are a favorite of mine. My mother carried them as a wedding bouquet in 1937. She told me that their scent filled the air with fragrant and sweet aroma.

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