Today is Ring Finger Day!

Did you know today is Ring Finger Day?

A little ring finger trivia: The custom of wearing a wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand was started by the Greeks in the 3rd century B.C. That tradition was started because physicians believed that a vein ran from this finger to the heart. They called this the “vein of love” and considered this the logical place to wear a ring symbolizing love. Although this was not the case, the custom has has been passed down for centuries and in most cultures is still considered the wedding ring finger.

In some countries and cultures it is the custom to where the wedding ring on the right hand. They include:  Colombia, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, and Venezuela.  In addition Orthodox Christians and Eastern Europeans (except for the Romanians)  traditionally wear the wedding band on the right hand. And althought the ring is placed on the right hand during the actual wedding ceremony, it is the Jewish custom to wear the wedding ring on the left hand.