Today is Sweetest DAY!


Sweetest Day, October 18th ~ is always observed on the 3rd Saturday in the month of October. Sweetest Day began in Cleveland, Ohio in 1922, during the Great Depression.  About 60 years ago, Herbert Birch Kingston, a Cleveland man and a candy store employee felt that the city’s orphans and shut-ins were often being overlooked and neglected. To instill in them a sense of being cared for, he handed out small gifts and candy to those who had fallen on hard times, with the help of his friends and neighbors, on a Saturday in October. Other Clevelanders soon followed suit, and the celebration came to be known as the “Sweetest Day“.



Sweetest Day tradition is observed by giving small presents, such as cards, candy and flowers, to family, friends, and lovers. It gives us an opportunity to reach out to the not- so-well-off sections of the society and spread happiness in their lives. Sweetest Day has no political, ethnic or religious roots, it is observed as an global recognition of humanity.


Be sure to order flowers early for Sweetest Day.

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  1. I had no idea there really was some history behind Sweetest Day. I thought it was just some corny “holiday” conceived by greeting card companies and retailers as an excuse to market gifts. Thanks for sharing. Now that I understand the real purpose of Sweetest Day, I’ll be sure to share it with others – and to celebrate it each year. What a wonderful idea Mr. Kingston had!

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