What’s Your Floral Signature?


What’s your floral signature? Your mom’s? Your best friend’s? This quiz can help you learn about your own floral personality or customize the perfect arrangement for someone you love.

Just answer the seven questions on the quiz with yourself or a loved one in mind. Choose one answer per question, then click Submit for results. 

Click here to take the quiz http://www.aboutflowers.com/quiz/quiz_intro.html

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Floral Signature?

  1. Of course, I am eclectic! Even as I was taking the quiz I kept jumping back and forth between my favorite flowers. I have no one favorite flower.

    You have an eclectic personality.

    You’re a unique individual who enjoys it all: from playing tag, walks in the woods to nights at the opera. You appreciate the beauty of flowers, simple or stylish so feel free to experiment.

    Jodi Rosenberg
    Life Coach and Speaker
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