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Guys Guide to Giving Flowers

Although this has been around the “net” for a while, it’s worth repeating. With Valentine’s fast approaching, men are thinking about what to give that “special someone” in his life. However, did you know that ANYTIME is a good time to give flowers, not just special ocassions. That’s why the “Guy’s Guide to Giving Flowers” is so relevant.

For the man who thinks “it’s a jungle out there” when it comes to buying flowers, these simple tips will help pave the way.

Be Spontaneous
You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to give flowers. In fact, flowers given for no reason other than “I was thinking of you today” mean much more because they are unexpected.

  Don’t Overlook Anyone
A bouquet can express a range of feelings — from romantic to friendly to something in between. Your wife or sweetheart will love to receive a surprise gift of flowers. So will your mother, daughter, sister and friends.

  Try Something New
Women are interested in a wide variety of flowers and colors. So, when giving roses, consider pink, peach, yellow, white, or assorted colors to catch her attention. And, remember, most women appreciate a beautiful assortment of fresh flowers, as well as roses.

 Get More Bloom For The Buck
The prices of some flowers vary seasonally. Roses, for example, are usually a great value during summer months. In the winter, mixed bouquets may be a better way to go.

  Flowers Are Never Boring
Because of their infinite diversity and unique appeal, flowers never lose their specialness. Each new floral arrangement is a fresh and individual declaration of appreciation — reflecting positively on your imagination and thoughtfulness.

Flowers Don’t Have To Mean Commitment
Relax, guys. Women know when an arrangement simply means that you care.

Be Prepared
When ordering flowers, have ready the recipient’s name, address, and phone number. If you’re not sure what to order, contact direct. Our experienced staff of professional floral consultants will be happy to help you.

Get Professional Help
Selecting flowers may be a challenging experience for the inexperienced flower-giver. Fortunately, help is available. Contact directly for a special arrangement that will match both your sentiment & her personality.

A Gift Of Flowers Goes A Long Way
Every woman can remember the last time she got flowers!

Source: Society of American Florists

Ordering Flowers that are in Season

Some flowers spoke with strong and powerful voices, which proclaimed in accents trumpet-tongued, “I am beautiful, and I rule.” Others murmured in tones scarcely audible, but exquisitely soft and sweet, “I am better, I am beloved.” George Sand

"Garden of Sunshine"

It is less expensive to order flowers that are in season. They are the best value at the moment. These days growers come from every corner of the world, and something is in season somewhere nearly all the time. For example, tulips, daffodils and iris are in season February, March and April, and therefore in greater abundance and generally less expensive.

Roses are less abundant in January and February, which adds to their “priciness” in February when just about everyone wants them.

Here is a picture of Eden Florist’s Garden of Sunshine arrangement. Notice the green tulips in the bouquet. Those are plentiful from February to early May and then although they are available they are more expensive from June thru January.

January’s Flower is the Carnation

In the Language of Flowers, the carnation changes its meaning according to the color.  For instance: a red carnation means “alas for my poor heart,” a yellow carnation means “disdain,” a pink carnation means “I will never forget you” and a striped carnation means “refusal.” Generally speaking however, the carnation means admiration, love and gratitude.

Well, that being said, if you like carnations for the heartiness, and long-lasting nature, then you will enjoy giving and receiving them too.

The culitvation of carntions can be traced back two thousand years and is believed that the plant came to England with the normas. Carnations have been found growing wild in the walls of castles of Dover and Rochester.

The Athenians honored the carnation and called them Di-anthos (flower of Jove) and they used them in wreaths and garlands wearing them during special ceremonies and festivals.  the word “coronation” is derived from “carnation.”

other Carnation facts:

Carnations are sometimes added to ales and wines to add a touch of spiciness.

Carnations are a popular flower to wear as corsages and boutoniers.

Carnations are still one of the most requested flowers for Mom’s to honor her on Mother’s Day.

According to a Christian legend, carnations first appeared on Earth as Jesus carried the Cross.  The Virgin Mary shed tears at Jesus’ plight, and carnations sprang up from where her tears fell. Thus the pink carnation became the symbol of a mother’s undying love, and in 1907 was chosen by Ann Jarvis as the symbol of Mother’s Day, now observed in the United States and Canada on the second Sunday in May.  (source: Wikipedia)

A red carnation may be worn if one’s mother is alive, and a white one if she has died.

Nadashiko is the Japenese word for carnation

Carnations are the official flower of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, as they are the longest lasting flowers.

White Carnations are the offical flower of the fraternity Delta Sigma Phi.

The Carnation is the National flower of Spain and the scarlet carnation is the state flower of Ohio.

One fo my favorite poems written by Henry King could very well have been written about the Carnation:


Brave flowers, that I could gallant it like you,
And be as little vain;
You come abroad and make a harmless show,
And to yoru bed of earth again;
You are not proud, you know your birth,
For your embroidered garments are from earth.

You do obey your months and times, but I
Would have it ever spring;
My fate would know no winter, never die,
Nor think of such a thing;
Oh that I could  my bed of earth but view,
And smile and look as cheerfully as you.