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The Meaning and History of Hyacinths

“…In triumph over hearts that strive, I may see the Glory of Spring that hyacinth may a longer day endure. How well I, the skillful gardener, grew where from above the milder sun deals flowers and herbs anew.” – Sonia A Willars 


Hyacynth ~ Sport, Play, Loveliness, Sorrow, Please Forgive Me.

 Botanical Name: Hyacynthus

Family: Liliaceae

According to Greek mythology, there was a handsome young man from Sparta called Hyacinthus. Apollo, the Sun God, was his great friend. Apollo would descend to earth from his golden chariot in the sky just so the two friends could play together. One day when Zephyrus, the God of Wind; jealously watched, he blew a strong wind toward a disc that Apollo threw to Hyacinthus, striking him a fatal blow to the head. Apollo, filled with grief, created hyacynthus from the young lad’s blood, ensuring Hyacinthus’ memory would live on.

The Hyacinth was brought early to Europe from Turkey and grown in Europe’s first botanical garden in Padua, Italy. Originally there were only four colors, but by 1775, more than two thousand named cultivars inhabited the earth.










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The Healing Power of Sympathy Flowers

“Just a kind word or a greeting; Just a warm grasp or a smile There are flowers that will lighten The burdens for many a mile. After the journey is over What is the use of them How can they carry them who must be carried? Oh give them the flowers now!”
– Leigh M. Hodges –    

"The Healing Power of Flowers"
Flowers lift the “spirit” in so many ways – whether to say Thank You, I Love You, You are Appreciated, Let’s Celebrate or in sympathy, flowers are a source of emotional support for recipients the world over.
According to Candice Shoemaker, PhD (National Funeral Directors Association), “people who receive sympathy flowers prefer them to receiving sympathy cards, food or even memorial donations.” The Society of American Florists and Rutgers University conducted two studies on the emotional impact of flowers. One survey provides scientific proof that flowers increase happiness and life satisfaction and lead to increased contact with friends and family. The other survey showed that “81% of seniors who received weekly bouquets proved less depressed over time.”
Read our article “Express Your Sympathy with Flowersfor more information on the healing power of sympathy flowers. 

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Creating Moods through Flowers Video

Welcome to Flowers and Colors – The Secrets to Creating Moods through One of Natures Greatest Gifts – Flowers.  My name is Heidi Richards Mooney, Owner of Eden Florist and I am delighted to share a journey through floral history, myth and symbolism with you.

Before You Plan Your Wedding, Read This

…Book by my good friend Pam Archer.

It’s called 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before You Planned Your Wedding. And it’s the best! It is small, simple to read and filled with bite-sized tips to help you including Doing Your Homework, Budgetting, Who to Invite, Using a Wedding Planner, Using Professionals (instead of your friends and relatives – unless of course they take pictures, do video, do flowers, etc. for a living), Personalizing your wedding, Your Husband, and even some tips for “The Morning After” when you are actually married!

I may be a little partial to the book, because I contributed a small essay to one of the chapters about the question most often asked of a florist “will my bouquet be beautiful?”  My flip answer was “we charge extra for beautiful.” But seriously the real answer is when it truly reflects the brides taste and choice and is done to her specifications then of course it will be beautiful.  Even though beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, our ultimate goal with any wedding or event is to be a small part of making it the most beautiful day of a bride and groom’s life and that means, yes it will be beautiful!

Let’s face it, when you hire professionals to create the perfect wedding including your florist, then it is our job to do our job.  Create beautiful, professionally designed floral pieces that add to the overall event.  Of course, budgetting and seasonality are certainly things to consider when planning your floral decor.  We may not be able to make a $1,000 budget look like $10,000 but we can certainly help any bride get the most for their investment.

99 Things You Wish You Knew Before You Planned Your Wedding also includes A Budget Guide, A Flower Checklist and a Resource Section to help any budget concious, creative bride plan the perfect wedding!

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