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According to the Perfect Wedding Guide a downturn in the economy won’t stop the bride to be! 

Even though the economy has influenced spending habits slightly, the wedding industry is strong!  Wedding experts predict a 9.5% increase in the number of weddings over the next 12 years. 

Even though the economy has influenced spending habits slightly, the wedding industry is strong!  Wedding experts predict a 9.5% increase in the number of weddings over the next 12 years. 


However, Brides are much more price concious than ever.  The wedding gown is a perfect example of what I mean. My last 3 Brides-to-be shared with me that they looked for “bargains” when it came to major purchases such as their wedding gowns.

Although they may have wanted designer gowns, they opted for “off the rack,” or discounted gowns. One bride found the gown she wanted at a local salon and then searched online until she found it for less money and quicker delivery.  Another bride waited until a local bridal store was having a big sale, lined up outside the store until it opened and then found the “almost perfect dress.” Although she said it wasn’t her first choice, she was happy with her selection because it cost a fraction of what she would have paid 2 years ago.

And the third bride told me she looked online at eBay. She found the perfect gown customized to her size and she got it in 5 weeks time (from China). I told her my eBay story about how I too found the perfect gown from China. The shipping cost more than the dress! That was in 2007. I got the perfect gown to go with the perfect husband! 

I asked my brides why they chose Eden Florist for their wedding flowers and they each said because they had been recommended, saw my work and knew we wouldn’t overcharge them because it was a wedding.  In fact, one bride came from Palm Beach to order her flowers because she told me her florist wanted about 25% more than I did for basically the same things.

 So if you are planning to get married soon, be sure to give Eden Florist a call
at 954-981-5515. We are delighted to give you a quote and help to make your BIG DAY an affair to remember.

Design Tips for Your Home

“The breeze and the dew make tranquil the clear dawn; Behind a curtain there is one who alone is up betimes. The Orioles sing and the flowers smile – whose then, after all is the spring.  Li Shange-Yin

Flowers enhance the appearance of any room


Participants in the Harvard study reported the greatest mood-boosting effects when fresh cut flowers were placed in common areas of the home such as the kitchen, dining room and family room. To make a small room appear more spacious use bold colored arrangements near the entrance of the rooms and more subtle shades of the same color theme around the room.

Or brighten an office with colorful, spring flowers.  Here are just a few ideas

flowersinhome2.jpg Place bud vases in high traffic home areas – with even just a few flowers. Any decorative glass from the kitchen will do!

flowersinthekitchen.jpgThe kitchen table might be the best place for flowers, because it’s where people gather together.

Stop by a florist or supermarket, where you’ll find a wide selection of flowers from which to choose. kitchen-flowers.jpg

flowersontable.jpgDecorate any table in the house with fresh flowers to brighten a corner, or add life to a room.


flowersonwindow.jpg The foyer, entryway or sunny window always look good with a vase of fresh flowers. 

largevaseofflowers.jpg Fill open spaces bold flowers. An abundant arrangement of lilies, gladiolus, sunflowers and other large blooms create an inviting environment for an expansive entryway or dining room. flowers-in-the-bedroom.jpg A bouquet can also perk up personal spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms. flowersinbathroom.jpg

flowers on a windowsill make a perfect accent to your view.  flowersinwindow2.jpg Those looking in and those looking out can enjoy the healing power of fresh flowers.

girlsmakingflowers.jpg Make it a family affair! Gather flowers from your favorite florist and let the kids help put them together.


For more information on how flowers in the home can lift the spirits, visit http://www.aboutflowers.com/decorating_b3.html

Stop by your local florist and pick up a beautiful bouquet (or several) of your favorite cut flowers.  If you are in South Broward (Florida) be sure to stop by Eden Florist (in lovely downtown Miramar).  Tell them Heidi sent you! (Society of American Florists – aboutflowers.com)

Floral Tips: Make ’em Last Longer!

sunshine splendor
Flowers like sunshine while they are growing. It helps them mature to the “picked” stage.

However, cut flowers will deteriorate much faster if exposed to heat and direct sunlight.

To keep flowers fresh longer keep them away from sun and drafts.


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