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Florascope for Aquarius

Aquarius ~ January 21 – February 19

Aquarians are Idealistic, optimistic and honest. Aquarians try to see the best in others and if you are an Aquarian’s friend, you want to be a better person.

The Aquarian is a free spirited, intuitive, life-loving individual.  Aquarians are inventive and can sometimes be seen as detached and unemotional. This is far from the truth. Aquarians are just on a mission in life to live it to the fullest and rarely let any grass grow beneath their feet.

Aquarian’s colors are electric blue and turquoise and their gemstone is aquamarine.

Give the Aquarian in your life deep blue delphinium (vulcan freedan) in a clear vase with turquoise rocks at the bottom.

Today is National Disc Jockey Day

January 2oth had been designated as National Disc Jockey Day.

So my staff and I created a Tropical Disc Jockey Bouquet.

Here it is:


Each “record” in the arrangement is imprinted with “National Disc Jockey Day ~ January 20, 2009”

If you’d like to order this bouquet, call us at 954-981-5515 or 800-966-3336 today!

Floral Art – The Book

International Floral Annual By International Floral Art 2008. It’s evolutionary and revolutionary and at present the only publication that shows the world what floral design is, has become and where it’s going. A must have.

In a recent issue of Flowers & magazine the Floral Annual Book was reviewed. I was blown away by the quality and depth of designs and just had to share with my readers. So I emailed the publishers and asked if they would send me some photos from the conent.  That is what you see below. 

International Floral Art. Hooray! This is another superb edition (perhaps the best yet) ~ 158 designers from 28 countries showing stunning compositions it’s a heady banquet. Quirky works, some stealthily classically, old wine in new glasses, unclassifiable, entertaining, never seen before, disturbing, gorgeous, bizarre. It’s a rocking 290 page world of ikebana meets commercial meets flower lovers who collide with florisSt and cooperate with designers who ALL invite land art, body art and natural art into a floral, vegetal and vibrant new world of design. It’s evolutionary and revolutionary and at present the only publication that shows the world what floral design is, has become and where it’s going. A must have.

The International Floral Art 08/09 edition is a publication of Stichting Kunstboek (ISBN 978-90-5856-270-8) and the cost is 59.59 Euros. This beautifully illustrated coffee table book is a true work of art. 

You can read more about it at:



Make it Yourself Pave Floral Box

One of the simplest arrangments to make yourself is the pave’ style bouquet. Pave’ comes from the French word for pavement. A pave’ style bouquet means that the flowers are arranged in clusters closely together to give the appearance of a continuous surface of flowers. In traditional pave’ styles the flowers are all cut the same length.

In the box above the roses are all cut the same length about an inch longer that the height of the square glass box.  These flowers are cut at a slight angel to allow water to rise to the head and there is about an inch in the vase.  We have added some candles to give this centerpiece a romantic flair. 

You will need a square vase (we used a 12 inch X 12 inch by 3 inch square) for the example.  This container sells for approximately $25 – $30 in most stores. Eden florist has them on sale for $19.95.

We used 16 pink roses and 4 votive candles. You can use more roses, more candles or all roses to make this bouquet. Some variations: put one votive in each of the corners of the vase and arrange the roses around them, or put all four (or more or less) in the center of the bouquet.

When purchasing the roses ask for those slightly open so you won’t need as many.  Also be sure to add a packet of flower food to the water to keep the flowers fresh longer.

Here’s another pave style bouquet called the Pave’ Zen Garden set in a black wooden box.

We used gloriosa lilies, roses, green button mums, purple chrysanthemums and green hypericum in this arrangment.

You can make these yourself or call Eden Florist (954-981-5515) and order these or another one of our popular Pave arrangments the Boxed Blooms Bouquet (shown below).

Make a Statement with Stately Gladiolus

Gladiolus are architectural flowers (linear) and are perfect as a focul point in any room, especially an entryway to a building or living quarters.  You can make this arrangment yourself with gladiolus, a nice tall cylindrical or square vase and a few acoutrements such as lemons, limes and other veggitation.

Ingredients you will need:

7-10 gladiolus flowers (purchased at your local florist)
3-4 stems lemon leaf or 1/3 bunch pittosporum
10-12 limes or lemons (from the local grocer)
Wooden floral picks (enough for the number of lemons or limes used)
TALL cylindrical or square vase – glass, ceramic or metal with a 4-6 inch opening
1 packet of floral preservative

If you have a nice garden with interesting greens you can cut them, immerse in water and then use them to cover the base of the container. 

Cut approximately 2 inches from the stem of the flower at an angel, then insert the gladioulus (about 7-10 stems) then add the greens around the base of the floral container (making sure the stem of the greenery is in the water).  Note: if the container mouth is more than 6 inches across you will need more gladiolus to hold all materials in place.

Insert wooden pick into bottom of each lemon or lime and then add to arrangment around base of gladiolus as seen in the picture.

Check water level and add enough to fill to two inches below top of container.

Now there’s a statement!

If you would like to save the time of gathering all the materials needed for this arrangment, give Eden Florist a call and we will design and deliver it for you! Our number is 800-966-3336 or 954-981-5515.

WE are creating a series of video floral instruction guides which will debut on Tulips Talk/Eden Florist in February. Stay tuned!