Here are 13 Things to Do on Grandparents Day

"Celebrate Grandparents Day with Flowers from Eden Florist"In celebration of the people in our lives who have loved us unconditionally, here are 13 things to do on Grandparents Day (which is being observed on September 11th this year – always the second Sunday in September)

  1. Take your Grandparents to School
  2. Call them
  3. Send a greeting card
  4. Take them to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
  5. Host a special event for them
  6. Have a luncheon and invite your colleagues and friends to bring their grandparents
  7. Start your family tree
  8. Ask grandparents to share stories of their own childhood – record those stories for future generations
  9. Take children to visit a senior living facility and adopt a grandparent
  10. Visit shut-ins and elderly who cannot get out
  11. Find a local event celebrating Grandparents Day and bring your grandparents!
  12. Host a Family Reunion
  13. Send (or bring) Flowers!

Remember to take lots of pictures including all the generations and share them on Social Media for the family who cannot join you!

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