Florascope for Pisces

Pisces ~ February 20 – March 20

People born under the Sun Sign of Pisces are kind, gentle, thoughtful friends. Pisces tend to see those they love and care about through rose-colored glasses and do not want to see the bad in anyone.

Piscean’s have a vivid imagination and are destined to greatness if they have the self-confidence to reach for greatness. Picses dislike change and will avoid it at all costs. Pisces are sensitive and sentimental.

Pisces color is Sea Green and their gemstone is the Moonstone.

Give the Pisces in your life a keepsake gift that they can hold dear to their memories for life eternal. A Thomas Kincaid Teacup filled with delicate flowers for the woman and an inspirational book tucked into a bouquet of snapdragons for the Pisces man make the perfect floral gift.